CFSL Match Rules

Updated: July 18, 2016


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Administrative Rules


Team Registration


League Fee Schedule


Rosters and Player Passes


Team Player Eligibility


Add/Drop Procedure and Fees


Over 30/40/50 Eligibility


State Cup Representation


Conduct, Fines and Protest Procedure


Card Accumulation




Red Cards


Using Illegal Players/Underage Players










Tie Breakers

Teams in each division will be ranked by the following criteria, in order:

If two or more teams are tied based on the above criteria, their ranking will be determined by:

Goal Difference Cap, Walk Off Forfeit, No Game Agreement between Captains

Promotion, Relegation, Postseason

Competition Rules


All Central Florida Soccer League games shall be played under the current "Laws of the Game" published by FIFA, subject to specific League Rules created by the CFSL membership, the Rules and Regulations Committee and/or CFSL President or the CFSL Board of Directors.

 All Inter-League, State and National sponsored games shall be played under the rules of the officiating organization.  It is the responsibility of the participating club/team to be aware of these rules.

Games, Rosters, Player Passes, Uniforms


Playing Time


Player & Team Conduct


Substitutions (Are Subject to the referee's discretion)


Referee Reports


Women's Division

Women are allowed to tape down their earrings, no hoops, only studs are to be taped.


Coed Division

There can be at most seven (7) men on the field at a time.

Examples of legal formations:



Playoff Rounds (Not including Finals): If no winner at the end regulation:

All Divisions: Directly to kicks from the mark.          

Finals All Divisions: If no winner at the end regulation: