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December 6, 2016

Congrats to our Champions!

Thank you to all who competed in the Fall 2016 season and congratulate the Champions and Runner-Ups for each division. Below is a recap of the season results:

Men's Premier:

League Champion - CFFC Spartans
League Runner-Up - Orlando Storm
Tournament Champion - CFFC Spartans
Tournament Runner-Up - Orlando Storm

Men's Open Division 1:

League Champion - Colombia FC (promoted to Premier)
League Runner-Up - CFFC Spartans II (promoted to Premier)
Tournament Champion - LDS FC
Tournament Runner-Up - Orlando FC

Men's Over 30:

League Champion - Malzooks
League Runner-Up - St Andrews XI
Tournament Champion - Malzooks
Tournament Runner-Up - CFFC Spartans O30

Men's Over 40 Premier:

League Champion - Raggamuffins Red
League Runner-Up - Inter United
Tournament Champion - Raggamuffins Red
Tournament Runner-Up - Inter United

Men's Over 40 A:

League Champion - Azzurri Stars
League Runner-Up - Lake Mary FC Rangers
Tournament Champion - Inca FC
Tournament Runner-Up - Majors

Men's Over 40 B:

League Champion - Andino's 84
League Runner-Up - Twisted Victor
Tournament Champion - Twisted Victor
Tournament Runner-Up - Andino's 84

Men's Over 40 C:

League Champion - FC Lowenbrau 
League Runner-Up - Oracle FC
Tournament Champion - FC Lowenbrau
Tournament Runner-Up - Oracle FC

Men's Over 50:

League Champion - Lake Mary FC Blues
League Runner-Up - The Breeze
Tournament Champion - Lake Mary FC Blues
Tournament Runner-Up - The Breeze

The Spring season is slated to start Jan 15 so please contact the office at to start the team registration process.

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